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How much did HKTB pay Karen Mok anyway!!The Hong Kong Tourism Board has sent out an exciting press release recently entitled “Cross-Sector Support for 2007 HK Shopping Festival on 10th Anniversary of HKSAR“. I mean, wow! they sure know how to sell themselves, don’t they?

Well believe it or not… I managed to read through the many paragraphs describing exciting offers with the MTR, special dining offers …. themed activites… Karen Mok.. blah blah blah…. a special shopping guide…. more shopping… until I hit upon this curious little piece of information:

Joining the HKTB to conjure up a citywide festive ambience will be Ocean Park Hong Kong, which will arrange its two panda mascots – Le Le and Ying Ying – to perform at shopping centres in major tourism districts on specific dates.

Sorry, What? Are they seriously suggesting that they will be bringing the pandas to the mall? to perform? I’ve been to Ocean Park several times and I’ve only seen them sit and sleep and, if i’m lucky: chew.how's this for performing?

So I can only think that the press release is misleading and what they mean is, a couple of guys in panda suits will be dancing around. I mean, what else can it mean? They will put the pandas in little cages in the middle of the mall?

Anyway you look at it, it’s pretty sad. Sorry James Tien, you’ll have to do better than that.


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The Hong Kong Tourism Board announced, with great fanfare yesterday, the arrival of the first “Honest and Quality Tour” into Hong Kong. Yes, that’s right, tourists now can choose an “honest and quality” tour as opposed to…. I guess all the crap tours that have been offered before.

This new tour is HKTB response to the crisis involving mainland tourists being held hostage by tour guides who insisted they spend a certain amount of money in pre-arranged store visits before allowing them to continue the tour.

I realise that the HKTB must have been under tremendous pressure to come up with something to restore confidence in Hong Kong tours, but surely some of those high-salaried managers could have come up with a slogan that doesn’t beg to be ridiculed. Can you read the media coverage: “Hong Kong offers first honest tour!” “For the first time ever, Hong Kong Tourist Board offers quality tour!”

Doesn’t anyone in that office have a PR or advertising background?

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