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nokia 3120I’m not a cell-phone connoisseur. For me the only reason to change phones is either loss, theft, total breakdown, or failure to resuscitate after falling in toilet.

As a result, I have only changed phones a few times since getting my first Nokia in 1997.

After someone stole my second, trendrier Nokia, I couldn’t stomach the huge cost of the new models and opted for one of the cheapest phones around: the Nokia 3120. It has tormented me ever since. I simply hate this phone.

The funny thing is, my friend Vivian was telling me how much she hated her phone so we arranged to swap next time we met. Of course, when the moment arrived, we both pulled out the same phone. Whenever I hear someone complain about their phone, it inevitably is the Nokia 3120.

Hating a phone is hardly a good enough reason to buy a new one in my book. But my husband got sick of hearing me complain and bought me a Motorola Razr for my birthday.

It only took a month for someone to steal it.

Back to my crap Nokia. But wait… it’s not working, it’s dead! I went down to my service operator,nokia 6111 Three, where they offered me an amazing deal on a Nokia 6111, only $680.

Now only 5 days later, I have to return it. The sound distortion is making everyone I talk to sound like Charlie Brown’s school teacher. (wha wha wha wha wha wha). I thought I could live with it, but it’s giving me a headache.

Luckily the old Nokia isn’t actually dead, the battery was turned around. It’s back on.

But I still hate it.


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