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One of the happiest moments in my life in HK was the day I finally cut the cord, or cable I should say, with Wharf. After years of the crappiest service every known in a civilized city, I finally made the switch to NOW TV last year and called cable to come collect their box and the fifty feet of cable snaking up and down the walls of my flat. It was liberating.

So it was not a happy day for me to open the paper and read that it is Cable — the company that excels at packaging major sporting events in ways to bleed fans dry — that has procurred the rights to air the 2008 Olympics.

Wow. Isn’t it great that HK is part of China ! – and even hosting an Olympic event!  but we still have to pay to watch it?! I mean, isn’t there any perks to this one country two system deal?

But then on the other hand –  it’ll be the first time I’ve been able to watch the Olympics in Hong Kong in years, so the good news is – it will actually be on TV.

I agree with the basis for the protests by TVB and ATV which claim this arrangement goes against  the Olympic spirit. But then again, did they even bid for the rights? They certainly couldn’t have cared less during the last Olympics.

I hope something comes from their protests. In the meantime, I’m reacquainting myself with the cable telephone hotline…maybe I can finally figure out how to get through to a real person before the Olympics start.


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